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Our Team

Miss Hao

A new era requires a new way
of thought.

In today’s society, there is significant advancement in every field, which brings all sorts of challenges to education around the world. This new era requires new way of thought. Having worked in this industry for 30 years, I often think about how can I lead this new generation of educators as they continue to absorb new ideas and maintain their passion in becoming true lifelong learners and to continue inspiring future generations!

— Miss Hao

YuMiao International Educational Organization Founder & CEO


Express, fail, think - this is how you find the right answer.

I will always remember how I was impacted and shocked by my experience studying abroad: impacted by how students must have their own thoughts to share with their classmates and teachers, shocked that I was wrong - that teachers will not immediately deny you, and instead they will guide your thinking step by step to the correct answer.

Express, fail, think - this is how you find the right answer.

I truly believe that every child has their unique talents. Children naturally like to explore and learn through interdisciplinary courses.“How” to guide and inspire is at the core of every educator’s course design. Through a systematic and professional course design, we can cultivate a child’s ability to think independently, creativity, communication, and collaboration to foster a fearless attitude towards experimentation, an innovative spirit, to help them become competitive“children of the future”!

—Teacher Vicky


University of London, M.A. Media and Communications

Tr. Raydo.jpg

Leading Taiwan's youth towards
a better future.

Having been an educator for nearly 20 years, I will forever have an unlimited passion for education. Not only is teaching a profession, it is a vocation. It is precisely because of my genuine love for teaching, that after so many years, I still proudly call myself a teacher.

In my youth, the passion I had for education was the source of my motivation to improve myself constantly. While my passion continues to burn, I also hope that my educational philosophy and experience can be passed down to the new generation of teachers so they can stand on the shoulders of giants and lead Taiwan’s youth towards a better future.

— Teacher Raydo
Education Training Center



To face the unknown future, AQ
(adversity quotient) is vitally important.

High AQ represents a vastly superior competence in perseverance, dealing with mental stress, and remarkable resilience; however, such life competency requires years of training via a systematic writing and speaking program.


Take speaking and writing program for example. Students must brainstorm novel ideas, then categorize them into an outline, and eventually write the first draft. From the beginning to the end, learners notice their insufficiency in knowledge and inconsistency in logic; the process, the most significant of all, is fostering the core competence: critical thinking. Students, years later, will acquire the life competency, which is the combination of positive attitude, general knowledge, and practical skills.


Only by possessing the life competency and critical thinking can students demonstrate leadership qualities in 2030.

Tr. Hector.jpg

— Teacher Hector

Education Training Center

Director of English Education


Passionate about 30,000 steps a day, walking through the big and small corners of the streets when traveling, and being a backpacker who embraces life and learning all over the world.

Serving as YuMiao International Education Organization’s Child Potential Development Teacher, as well as the Director of English Standardized Exams, outside of work she organizes “Teachers’ Travel Training Camp” to challenge teachers to reach beyond their own potential.

In the Singapore Learning Camp trip, Teacher Jennifer is responsible in several positions and roles including that of the big sister, friend, nanny, and teacher all in order to support all ages of backpackers in exploring multiculturalism, architecture, historical sites, local customs, and scenic spots during the journey. She loves to discover the small alleys and foods of various places, and use the local delicacies to record each location’s special characteristics. She is a bona fide gourmet!

— Teacher Jennifer

YuMiao Intl. Education COO

Teacher Paul is an Irish Teacher with 5 years of teaching experience in Taiwan. He believes that play is the essence of learning for all children and that if students are enjoying what they do the knowledge will naturally take root.

When Teacher Paul is not coming up with new ridiculous ways to entertain his students, he spends his time running up, down, around and over Taiwan’s amazing mountains. Every week without fail he gets in at least 30K of trail running in areas that most people would struggle to hike.

While Teacher Paul’s passion is split between the mountains and teaching, there is more than enough to share. He prides himself on giving his all to absolutely every task or challenge he takes on.

—Teacher Paul

STEAM Squad Founder

Tr Jennifer
Tr Paul
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