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Overseas Learning Camp

Calling all backpackers with an adventurous and spirit who can stand up bravely when they fall:

join our adventure!

The best opportunity for children to travel independently!

Our team consists of English, wildlife survival, humanities and teachers in various professions. Our various challenging activities in English will lead children to break out of the classrooms, apply what they have learned to their life, explore languages, recognize and respect foreign cultures, and learn to be independent. We believe that reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles is the international competitiveness that the new era of children need!
Student Works/Videos
About Camp


Singapore has always been known as the “Garden City”, and officially became a developed country in 1996. Singapore’s greatest strengths are characterized by its excellent education, safe society, stable politics, convenient transportation and a clean living environment.English is Singapore’s official language and is the first choice for many international students to best experience a diverse culture.


How we learn:

Before we depart: all students must attend six hours of “Pre-departure training”, using English to familiarize themselves with the city’s background and its attractions. The training encompasses independence training from the moment they leave home to airport check-in, flight etiquette, how to navigate maps and directions, how to start a conversation with foreigners, looking for historical landmarks, taking public transportation, and camp rules. Only with ample preparation pre-departure, can the students express their potential in the ‘survival race’ upon arriving in Singapore.

In Singapore: The entire trip and city challenges will be conducted in English. We will explore attractions, interact with locals, conduct street survey interviews with Westerners, broadcast news as CNN reporters at world-renowned attractions - the entire city will be our classroom!



We chose a themed homestay location. Each room has a different theme based on the local culture so that our students can experience the unique culture of Singapore.



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