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Win Win Literacy Program

The Win Win Literacy Program aims to establish good reading habits in Taiwanese children from a young age. Even just 15 minutes a day adds up to nearly 2 hours a week, and accumulates to 7.5 hours of English reading in a month!

Using RAZ-kids as an online resource, our program consists of professional and patient reading comprehension teachers who are able to pinpoint students’ reading weaknesses. Through worksheets, well-designed reading comprehension questions, monthly check-ins and regular mock international written and oral exams, our team can take students through a systemic literacy training program.

We hope to nurture an earnest, responsible child. This road towards becoming a bilingual nation by 2030 is full of challenges for both teachers and students. If you are a determined, persistent and brave individual, we welcome you to join the Win Win Literacy Program where professional teachers can help you become Taiwan’s true bilingual talent!

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Started in 2002, RAZ Kids is an award-winning e-learning resource that helps bridge the gap between learning inside and outside the classrooms. They have a very robust online reading platform where students have access to hundreds of books and resources to not only read, but to also develop their reading comprehension skills.


Our mock oral exams are graded by professional teachers who grade the students based on the criteria sheet seen on the right. 


Literacy Training Team


Reading opens a window to the world. When children read, I hope that they will not only gain new knowledge, but that they realize the world is not contained to the island of Taiwan. My goal is to take children to see further out into the world, get lost in the sea of books and become their guiding lighthouse. Reading is not difficult. As long as they see the direction, understand the text step by step, identify the key points, and absorb new words and sentence patterns, overtime every child can become an excellent reader!

— Teacher Melody
Literacy Training Teacher

I believe that to learn a language well, you must first fall in love with it! All my life, English has always been a language I’m passionate about. I learned English phrases, proverbs, and regional catchphrases not only though reading, but also by immersing myself in pop culture, movies, and TV shows. English has become a very useful practical skill and is used to communicate with people all over the world.

I hope to use my enthusiasm to lead all children who join the Win Win reading literacy training program towards becoming bilingual! Remember, fall in love with English, embrace English, never be afraid of making mistakes, and always learn from your mistakes!

— Teacher Nick

Literacy Training Teacher

Tr. Nick.jpg

Reading is an exciting and immersive experience. Growing up, it was my favorite thing to do. Every book promises a new world, a new adventure, and new ideas to explore. With so many types of media available to kids nowadays, the value of books can sometimes be overlooked. Good writing is still at the core of all media, and books are the purest form of writing.
I hope to inspire kids to journey into the world of reading. Let your imagination run wild!

— Teacher Carey
Literacy Training Teacher

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